Welcome to Ronin Air Falconry Service (RAFS)  
"Chaka" - African Auger Hawk, RAFS lead starling "tackle"
Originating on the edge of the Santa Cruz Mountains in Northern California, headquartered 7 years on North Padre Island in Texas, we are presently back in SF Bay Area where it all began.; we specialize in developing new cutting edge environmental bird control techniques and conducting or improving existing ones. Our main objective and ambition is to provide environmentally aware clients an eco mitigation alternative to the application of toxic poisons / chemicals to even the most extreme, severe pest bird infestations and complex of locations. These poisons, both passive ( Avitrol " crazy corn ",etc ) and aggressive ( cyanide, arsenic, strychnine, etc. ) are often illegal in many areas and have terrible secondary effects when entered into the food chain. It was DDT and similar chemicals that nearly wiped out the peregrine falcon and other raptors back in the 60's. Even in the most controlled applications, surviving poisoned birds are eaten by not only raptors but every type of predator causing death, illness or sterility. By providing vineyards and the berry industry in California Condor country , we offer agricultural clients a far more effective alternative to shooting toxic lead shot at bird pests. It is a proven fact that one or if not the main causes of death for the newly reintroduced California Condors is eating previously wounded dead, lead shot animals/ birds. By providing an even more effective environmentally safe alternative is our greatest reward in conducting our environmental programs.

RAFS's ability to substantially increase worker safety by reducing or eliminating bird feces bird feces have been confirmed to transmit up to 40 diseases contagious to man. Histoplasmosis, cryptococcocus, meningitis, ecoli, salmonella, parrot fever, Newcastle disease are just a few that can cause serious illness and even death. Upon successful completion of an immense program site no only is the work site cleaner and safer but production and efficiency increases substantially due to increased worker momentum and morale.

In just 5 years RAFS has developed 3 entirely new falconry bird abatement techniques that had never been conducted before. #1 beach water quality improvement with falconry: Arroyo Quemada Beach Santa Barbara. #2 Massive crow flock (murders) abatement 25,000-75,000 crows: upstate New York townships. #3 Massive European starling / great tailed grackle flock abatement: industrial facilities & refineries East Coast & Midwest. We excel at creating new successful strategies for "impossible mission" bird control environments, where the public and sometimes even the clients are skeptical of possible success, and no other falconry service will attempt. In addition to designing an integrated pest management strategy and program at each new location, we offer clients our guarantee of their program's integrity. By following our environmentally safe eco mitigation procedures and with our scheduled visits 100% abatement may be achieved in 2-4 years for even the worst case scenarios. Results are dramatic. Each bird pest groups' populations diminish with each consecutive yearly visits, having naturally relocated led by their alpha leaders having triggered their hunter-hunted fear instinct. This natural fear in inherent in all birds wild or domestic.

This action is also known to wildlife biologists as process moderation in avian species biophysical feedback mechanism's. Due to their keen avian intelligence levels often the greater the intellect of the species, say crows and geese, compared to sparrows and starlings, the greater the abatement speed and effect can be.

Upon request RAFS offers educational raptor / falconry bird abatement orientations for public, private, government, law enforcement, institutional, church, school, fairs, parties, corporate, military, parks & recreation, weddings and celebrations of any category. As scheduling permits RAFS voluntarily presents programs to communities and charities upon request. Presently we have falconers in Texas and California.

  A U.S. Airforce B-2 Stealth Bomber, built and maintained by Northrop Grumman in Palmdale, California   Arroyo Quenada Beach, once one of the most polluted beaches in California, now one of the cleanest.


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